A Black Hole Anomaly

A Black Hole Anomaly

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A System is picked.

Following my previous fruitless adventure, I manage to meet up with my CEO in a wormhole of yet-unknown characteristics. We put the coffee on, dock with each others ships, and begin the long wait to determine where the system might consistently lead to.

A few days later we're content with our findings and he leaves to report to the alliance and begin preparations. We'll need to draft pilots and miners from the Imperium, that won't be a problem, there's many a willing clone to risk in making some ISK. My mind goes to work on my own plans to execute, and a list of things I'll need in the coming months. A few favours to call in perhaps, but it'll be more than worth it once we're settled.


And now, a break from the story telling. Hello, I'm the author, obviously, and everything I write in this blog will be accurate of mine and my teams encounters in W-space unless it's in response to another blogger, a contest response etc. Sometimes I will come on as just me, the guy behind the screen eating pizza and trying to finish his first degree in university.

My goal for this blog is somewhat like the Truman Show idea. Uncensored, what happens happens, and if I make mistakes I will try to be objective and say it like it is. Like in my previous post, yeah, I was feeling awful smug at evading those pirates on first entering the dead-end system, and they did not respond whatsoever in local, and they spoke french not english according to their bio's and corporation info.

I really did have to sneak around and warp to find a good vantage point to determine my situation and my odds of escape, I've invested all of my ISK into the project we're about to begin and I'm speed training with a full set of +4's on my head. That's dumb for me to be putting myself in danger of losing what I can't afford but I'm a relatively new player and I am playing some serious catch-up in terms of skills compared to these older/higher-SP players. I'll admit I'm risking more than I would advise of anyone else, but that's what's going on, and that's how I'll say it hehe.

I was thrilled to make it out alive, I did feel pretty dumb once I found out the system was a dead-end, and I look forward to having a station set up to call home.

We've found our system now, so between my travelling and returning after the weekend, I expect the POS set up and operations running within the week. I hope to have much more to tell you when I next write about it.

Why does it seem like every corporation I run into in W-Space is french?

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