A Black Hole Anomaly

A Black Hole Anomaly

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UPDATE (Final?)

The WH op is not dead, but it's moved and renamed. My blog Free2Kill (just click on my name and look for it) will be carrying on from long after this one left off. We were drove out of the C2 with C4 static, the alliance kicked us, I spent a few months in null, we reformed, and we're back in WHs.


It's almost umbelievable the stuff that's happened. I've sold my two main characters in order to maintain my presence in the game and am now using my third character as my main. Disco Jack, and Pheonix Summers are not mine anymore :S. My current characters name is not being hidden and is Haunting Widow, I originally created her as a pure pvp character, to give me freedom during times when i was stuck doing carebeary alliance things. Refer to the above to see how that ended up :P

BUT, things are doing really really good. I'm back to living in a C4 with some old and new faces. This character is just reaching 10mil SP (Believe it or not, it's the highest SP I've had to date on any character) and I'm running three accounts for which I've somehow managed to grind enough isk to pay for in plex most months. And well.. selling characters...

I commonly refer to myself as "Haun" in the new posts as I am in fact a male (with a female character) and if I write about myself in character it's just better I try and make it closer to my own gender.

I'm writing this post as I've just opened up my profile for viewing and I thought this blog needed a closing post. Free2Kill is where I'm putting my attention, it's also my personal in-game chat channel, feel free to stop by, but reports of excessive flaming or douchbaggary will result in my needing to moderate the channel... so please, don't act like 4 year olds.