A Black Hole Anomaly

A Black Hole Anomaly

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sudden Movement

Last night and today have been some of my busiest times in EVE yet. I came home last night after catching a movie and logged on, turns out the entire operation has been given the green light, I scan the exit and lo and behold, our static lowsec-exit has just one gate between me and highsec. This is the best situation we could have hoped for!

We get on the horn, gather the 5 of us who are already committed to the operation and get to work. Buying modules and the tower all around New Eden and meeting up in the last high-sec system for final deployment.

A few complications that were a little outside of my own influence were a small set-back, and it was my first time setting up a POS so it was definitely a learning experience. 7:30AM when the servers went down, we had the POS up, and some our guns and Ewar online. I could barely sleep, slept for maybe 5 hours and back on it.

More excitement, someone scanned down our W-space from highsec, giving us a highsec connection on our very first day of operations. After scaring away the unwanted visitor we are currently at work making last minute deliveries and modules for the POS.

I'm blogging while flying my indy to a system where I have stockpiled a lot of gear. Hopefully we all make it back to base without too many troubles and get to farming this system out. 15 sleeper sites, 5 gravs, 5 ladars, 2 radar and a mag.

We're pumped and racing around like mad with the move, but this is the beginning we've been looking for, you can expect to hear more from me soon.


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