A Black Hole Anomaly

A Black Hole Anomaly

Sunday, March 21, 2010

From grapes to raisins

Of course what I'm referring to here is the WH drying up. We've had 1 non-wormhole signature in the past several days and it's beginning to wear on us.

One member has had to be removed from the operation due to a lax in discipline resulting in the loss of multiple grav sites, needless to say, this has contributed to the current situation in which we find ourselves.

We've all got more experience now in the WH and in WH life so we're looking at expanding the operation. After deciding to move out of the WH and seek out a more difficult/rewarding dwelling, we've come across a C2 connected to empire, a C4 and a C6 (All non-K162), needless to say we're very interested in seeing what the statics are so I've parked a scanner in-system over night. We still nee to move some 2.5+ million m3 of ABC ore out of our hangers in our original WH.

With a growing alliance and hopefully more WH-Ops members soon, we're planning on moving into a highsec static WH, a higher class WH, or (fingers crossed) both. Farming neighboring WHs has kept the income flowing, but on many days things have been quiet and slow within our little slice of unknown space.

I've personally been taking a break from full-time dwelling since I have exams approaching but I still never seem to keep away from the WH for more than a day. Mostly it's been head-down, timer set (3 minute alarm repeat), and mining what Scordite I can from Sinq Laison. I bought a PLEX with a down-payment from an alliance mate and still need to work that dept off.

Our POS has a Lab now too :) Which is increasing interest in the operation and giving it something to do/contribute all the time and on slow days, I myself have added a few BPOs for research while I work on production efficiency 5. Nothing big from me, just some ammo types and riggs that I am going to use to convert my salvage and ores to isk instead of selling the base mats outright.

I know it's been a while since I've posted, I had an especially hard time thinking what to write after we had some internal troubles, it can be difficult to rant and keep the peace sometimes haha.

I'm still around though, and I'll be posting for the blog until I leave a post saying otherwise. As it looks now though, we are only expanding, and have yet bigger plans for the future.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Of the Alliance and Other thoughts

Like many of my fellow EVE players, I grew tired of my initial NPC corporation very quickly. NPC corps are boring, they are good for the mining/production solo player, or for that scanner alt you use in Wormholes to hide your true identity, things like that.

So when a player applies to our Alliance after being in an NPC corp for nearly 2 years, you really have to wonder. The timing doesn't help either, one war ending, another expected to end soon. We're not sure why people keep wardeccing us to be honest, they spend most of their time cooped up in stations with us watching them, and hunting/locating their buddies.

The Alliance was birthed from a mining corporation, maybe that has something to do with it, people think you're weak and so they attack what they assume are a bunch of industrialists. We have a lot more than just industrialists though, and with a strong financial back-bone that runs from mining and production to wormhole ops and regular PvP, many of our members aren't afraid to lose the random ship, to take a mate and chase a war-target until someone loses a ship. I've lost some, I've destroyed some, it's the nature of EVE. My first kill was an absolute adrenaline rush, mining and industry are simply tools to pay for the fun!

I had an interesting conversation with a war-target recently, an Alliance mate and I were chasing him down and had him hiding in a station. We spoke in local and he came out with the equivalent of "that's hardly fair, ganging up on one person like this", I suggested he take it up with whoever the idiot was that began the war if he thought things were unfair.

I can see how so many players find EVE invades on their personal lives, I too am finding it difficult to prioritize with EVE around. Incredibly addicting, very cool, a cinematic experience, but it is still just a game, or so I keep trying to tell myself.