A Black Hole Anomaly

A Black Hole Anomaly

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rocky Beginnings

Wormhole operation, Day 1:

After onlining most of our defenses, sans warp scramblers, I had to log for several hours and the state of affairs upon my return was a kill-joy for everyone within my party. The lowsec exit we had used to move in through, had also allowed a band of explorers to enter in behind us. After having a few of the exploring craft visit our POS only to warp away(Under fire by of our defenses), I decided now was the best time to anchor and online the warp scramblers to deter any more unwanted close encounters.

The invading party, unfortunately for us, severely out-numbered, and out-gunned us. We had to resort to laying low since upon inspecting a few of them, we discovered that they were part of a very active, very capable corp, who's base of operations appeared to be in the system we were connected to at the time. We voted "don't tick off the giant".

Most of our 15+ Sleeper sites didn't make it past the invasion, however, they did not seem to come with probes, rather, they probed down the entrance, and used bookmarks and ship scanners for anomalies only for the duration of their stay. Today we did the radar and mag sites, along with several newly spawned sleeper sites. The corpmates were extremely interested in checking out a gravity site, but knew little of the actual capacity for these sites. I managed to convince them not to start with the biggest until they knew what they were facing, the next day I believe they have been thoroughly introduced to the sheer enormity that is WH gravity signatures. We're still trying to get what we can from the site before we lose it, and there's a lot of action happening on the sides. Our first two days have met with two wanderers scanning down a highsec exit for us from empire space, thank you very much to the poor myrmidon that we chased out of our system, and to whoever it was that opened the way again the next day to another empire system.

I'm dropping tired right now, after having spent a few near sleepless nights getting the POS up, details wrote, discussion amongst the corp and alliance, and planning for expansion and the acquirement of several more pilots for our team. Myself and the other non-mining-barge pilots are adjusting our training to change that. This time next week I should be in a retriever at least, along with a few more corpmates, and able to take on grav sites with much better efficiency.

Had a conversation with a member of the invading party after I detected his corpse on dscan, reasons for the podding are unclear since his first response is that he got "too close" to the action which resulted in him, dead. Minutes later he claimed he did it himself as it was the cheap way for him to leave the system quickly.

I'll be packing more heat soon so that I can begin offering other pilots a ride home.

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