A Black Hole Anomaly

A Black Hole Anomaly

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gaming style follows lifes necessities.

I've moved out of the WH temporarily. I've got final exams approaching and passing these two courses will say the final mark on finishing my physics degree, so yeah, I won't be able to check DScan enough to live comfortably in WH space for the next few weeks.

Things are developing though, we're recruiting more pilots from the alliance into the operations corp. A new director has been been put into place to help share the load of responsibility and access that tend to eat up our time so very much :p

I should probably mention I'm a pretty new player, my main character was made just prior to Christmas 09, I did have two accounts but sadly due to financial limitations at this time I've had to discontinue my 2nd's sub and am working on gathering the isk for plex. Thanks to a loan from my CEO I'm ready to purchase the time I'll need to remain training through exams, hopefully with the added skills I'll be able to put on an isk rush and buy the next months while working on paying him back.

My spec is all memory and intelligence, I'm focusing on all the support skills I think I'll need for the year ahead before I remap and the lack of combat skills has severly hindered my ability to make not-so-dangerous isk. Not anymore!

Just a few days ago I finally got into a nice new Dom :). Worked up my drone skills to get up to T2 mediums and T1 heavies and I'm off to attempt my first l4s. Thank goodness drones are friendly to my current remap. My tank skills were all worked on previously but being the industrialist I let a few skills slip, like energy management which I am working at getting IV as soon as drone interfacing reaches IV itself.

When I return I'll be sporting a heavily tanked and RR capable dominix for our opening and farming of our neighboring C4! The team is really excited about our static C4 and we are collecting the necessary skills, ships, and pilots to make more isk and have more fun than ever.

The lowsec static C2 was a learning experience, it got us used to sleeper combat and living in seclusion and the difficulties sometimes involved when you get three T3s and HACs dropping in on your mining operation seemingly out of nowhere haha.

Sometimes I think the WH op is expanding (or trying to) too quickly for the alliance. I do trust that the alliance will help the op through slow times since WH has considerable value for the alliances future in T3 production.

I noticed I have a follower now. Thanks for being the first :) I'm posting from my iPod now so I haven't checked to see who you might be but I was thinkng today I need to get out and commenting on other blogs if I ever want to get some real exposure.

Going to try to keep posting here and there while studying, my reports on the WH ops will be from a distance for the next few weeks, but as the founder of the operation, I will of course return and see our plans through. I just need to afford to get there :p

I'll check this out for grammer later, I don't think I'll blog from the iPod browser anymore, anyone know a decently priced or free iPod app that works well? Some of the reveiws I'm seeig report lots of bugs and crashes, i see enough of that runnig eve haha, not paying for more in an app.



rantuket said...

I was looking for a decent iphone app too, there are a few out there but anything that has a semblance of actual functionality is priced way too high.

Hopefully google come out with something nifty in the future.

WormHole Dweller said...

Oh my, shows how long since I've checked in here.

I'll be checking my blog and writing (or making a change of blog as I mentioned in my most previous post) more often now, school is still hectic sure but I'm done with finals and will end up on campus without eve fairly often in the months to come. And that of course will bring me to moar blogz!

I've managed to sell a fair number of WHs too, seems like C4's are very hard to sell though, and that's our current static (besides our empire static).

How about you? Spend much time in WHs? Got any questions about them? I've spent about 90% of my gametime while in WHs and have really learned a thing or two about them.