A Black Hole Anomaly

A Black Hole Anomaly

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Project escalation

The WH project is going very strong, we've started farming C4 combat sites with 5 and 6 pilots at a time. We've got more alliance involvement and are now hosting the WH to several other POSes belonging to the alliance.

I need to step up the blogging, so long since my last blog just isn't acceptable.

I may move my focus for the Blog, or just link saying I've moved to a different subject seeing that now I am the CEO of my corporation and am mostly involved with the logistics of keeping things running smoothly. I've finished all the learning skills on an alt which I will be using to do nasty little things that my alliance does not condone. Inspirations taken from "my loot your tears", and the band over at Suddenly Ninjas, as much as I despise seeing you guys pop up onto my mission field, I admire the concept, and am training a pvp-capable ninja looter right now as well as an orca alt on my second account.

The orca is 39 days away, but I'll start with canflipping and general highsec hooliganisms soon :) You'll be hearing about this alts adventures soon I'm sure!

P.S. Education is great, I'd never tell someone to play video games instead of getting an education, but now that I'm working on my second degree... damn I wanna play instead of doing research haha.

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